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Insulation Removal in Flint, Michigan

Are there musty scents emanating from your attic? Is your floor warped with cold spots? Or maybe you notice certain rooms in your home are colder than others? It may be time to call insulation contractors in Flint, mi.

Poor insulation takes money out of your pocket with increased heating and cooling costs. A poorly insulated home requires you to run the HVAC system constantly to compensate for lost air. As a result, your energy bills go up.

Proper insulation not only keeps your home comfortable, but also prevents potential health problems associated with pests, rodents, mold, and mildew. Get in touch with our removal team in Flint, mi to request free inspection services.

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Insulation Removal Flint MI

Signs That You May Need Insulation Removal Services

When your insulation is nearing the end of its life, there are obvious signs such as increased utility bills and keeping your HVAC running throughout the day. Other signs that you need insulation removal include:

  • Visible Damage

    Fire, water, mold, and mildew all leave visible damage to your insulation. Regular inspection will also reveal pest waste and urine on the insulation. If your insulation is visibly damaged, its performance is compromised and it also poses a health risk to you and your family.

    Using spray foam insulation protects you from pest and rodent infestations as well as mold and mildew. Spray foam insulation is also resistant to water and moisture protecting your home from mold and mildew.

    However, in case of fire, we recommend reaching out to professionals for inspection services. Even if there is no visible damage to your home, smoke can damage the insulation and compromise its performance.

  • Rodent Waste

    Traditional insulation materials are attractive nesting for pests and rodents. This can often lead to infestations which pose serious health risks to your and your family. We recommend calling our insulation removal contractors in Flint, mi if you suspect that your home might have pests.

    Our team is trained to safely remove nests and handle any rodents that might pose a biting risk. We also carefully dispose of the contaminated materials following all government regulations and notify all relevant authorities.

  • Fluctuating Temperatures

    If your house feels colder in winter or warmer in summer despite having the HVAC running, your insulation may be compromised. A properly insulated home has a comfortable internal climate that is easy to maintain.

    Consider reaching out to our insulation removal experts in Flint, mi to request an energy audit.

  • Drafty Rooms

    If some rooms feel more drafty than others or you notice some rooms are colder than others, you may have gaps and cracks in your insulation. These small spaces allow warm air to escape and allow cold air to enter your living space.

    Fluctuating temperatures also result in keeping your HVAC running for longer which leads to higher utility bills.

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Professional Insulation Removal in Flint, Michigan

Insulation removal is often a messy job that can result in damaged property and health problems if not handled by professionals. Our insulation removal team in Flint, mi is equipped with personal protective equipment and high-powered vacuums to safely remove the contaminated insulation.

We are also happy to come to your property to inspect your insulation and determine any problem areas that need removal and repair. Reach out to our insulation removal contractors in Flint, mi to find out more about our services and request a free quote.

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