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Attic Insulation in Flint, Michigan

If you are looking for attic insulation in Flint, mi, you’ve come to the right place. We offer premium insulation services that will significantly reduce your energy costs and boost the thermal efficiency in your home.

As one of the leading attic insulators in Flint, mi, we offer an unmatched experience. Whether you need insulation removal, re-insulation, or new installation, we are here to help. All our services are provided by an in-house team to ensure our standards are upheld.

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Attic Insulation Flint MI

Why Choose Our Attic Insulation Services in Flint, Michigan

There are different types of insulation materials in the market. Homeowners can choose from spray foam, fiberglass batts, cellulose, and loose-fill fiberglass. We use spray foam insulation because of its high R-value and durability.

Spray foam’s ability to resist heat transfer makes it the superior option compared to traditional insulation materials. Our team will carefully take you through the benefits of each insulation method and also point out additional problem areas that may benefit from insulation.

With our services, you never have to worry about paying extra for subcontractors or hiring equipment. Our team is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and high-powered vacuums to ensure that your project is completed on time and within your budget.

Attic Insulation Flint MI
Attic Insulation Flint MI

Benefits of Using Spray Foam For Attic Insulation in Flint, Michigan

Spray foam insulation offers permanent coverage and seals all the spots where drafts and hot air pass through. Its expansion capabilities allow it to fill in the smallest gaps and cracks creating a thermal envelope over your home that makes it easy to maintain a comfortable internal climate.

Insulating your home with spray foam also helps you make significant savings. Unlike traditional insulation materials, spray foam offers complete coverage reducing your energy costs by up to 50%.

Another benefit of using spray foam for attic insulation in Flint, mi is its durability. Compared to traditional insulation materials, spray foam can last up to 70 years. Traditional materials need to be changed frequently to keep your home adequately insulated.

Unlike traditional materials, spray foam does not absorb water or moisture. Materials such as fiberglass absorb water and expose your home to mold and mildew which can cause respiratory illnesses.

Spray foam is also an excellent choice for attic insulation in Flint, mi because it is not attractive to pests and insects as nesting material or as a food source. Using spray foam ensures your home is free from pest infestation.

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We offer high-quality attic insulation in Flint, mi at competitive rates. Our extensively experienced contractors handle all projects big or small with professionalism and ensure that your property is not damaged.

All our services are handled in-house so you do not incur extra costs associated with hiring equipment and subcontractors. If you notice your home is getting cooler in winter and warmer in summer, you can also give our attic insulation technicians a call for a free energy audit.

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